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David LaRocca

Booth 9

David LaRocca was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1980. As a child, he developed a passionate interest in art that paralleled a growing fascination with fantasy, darkness, and mystery. David currently resides in the woods somewhere south of Birmingham, Alabama.


LaRocca has been working as a professional Digital, Traditional, and 3D artist for over 16 years. LaRocca has done work in the 3D Animation, Comic Book, Educational and Independent Video Game Industries. His art has been printed in both books and magazines. In this time, he began illustrating his own worlds of fantasy and horror. He now works full time as a Freelance Illustrator.


LaRocca find inspiration in the works of artists in diverse media: musicians like Tool, authors like H.P. Lovecraft, and fellow illustrators like Brom. Like these artists, LaRocca is unafraid to explore the shadowy worlds of the mind without regard to the polite tastes of the mainstream. His gallery represents digital, traditional, and conceptual pieces from that exploration.

You can check out more of his work on his website by clicking here!

You can also follow him on Instagram at: @davidlarocca

Bryan Silverbax

Booth A21

Bryan SilverBaX has lived many places, but currently calls Marietta, GA his home. Bryan served over 6 years in the US Army and later 7 years as a police officer. He has since turned his focus toward becoming an established artist in the world of comic books.


Having been a comic book fan since the early 90's, Bryan has always wanted to be a comic artist. Over the past few years, he has started to make his dream a reality by doing artwork for independent comic books as well as working with Topps and Upper Deck.


Bryan is a sketch card artist that has done licensed cards for Marvel Comics, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and more. Bryan is also a nerd culture t-shirt designer whose work has been featured on,,, and many others. Some of his shirts have even been bought for licensing by WWE Hall of Fame inductees.


Bryan SilverbaX is currently creating his first self-published comic, Year Zero, while still working with other independent comic creators and appearing at several conventions in the southern United States.


You can find Bryan's artwork by clicking here!


Geoffrey Gwin

Booth A22

From humble beginnings in the town of Grove Hill, Alabama, Geoffrey K. Gwin credits his love of art to an addiction of watching Saturday morning cartoons. After a bit of art polishing he has since been employed by independent companies such as Jericho Projects, C1 Publishing, and Templefareast for sequential art, character developement, and promotional work.


He has recently completed the art for an issue of Brimstone and the Borderhounds published by Hounds Comics. He's found comfort in storyboarding, and while working with High Noon Films and other filmmakers he has been involved with safety videos for the United States Postal Service, commercials for Subway, and even commercials with Julie Newmar, Adam West, and Barbara Eden.


While on tour in Iraq, he had the honor of completing a mural at the historic Biblical city of Babylon...but comic art is his first love, which often draws a mean look from his wife Tiffany and his daughter Mia.


You can check out Geoffrey's art on Facebook by clicking here!

Artist Alley Booths

Booth A2

I Had an Artcident


Booth A3




Booth A4

Star Sheep Sweaters


Booth A5

Armory Rasa


Booth A16

Lula Cosplay

Booth A17

John Lost His Name


Booth A19

Evergreen Burrow

Booth A20 Damon Bowie Art



Dealer's Booths


7 & 8

Player One Games

Booth 9

Art by LaRocca


10 & 11

Joysticks & D20s




Remember When


Booth 13

Cosplay, Inc.


Booth 14



Booth 16

Elsweyr Shoppe



Booth 17

JelliBunn Creations


Booth 18

Kimono USA


20 & 21

Long Box Comics

(Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo)


22, 23, & 24

Unkindness Art

Booth 26

First Contact Sewing


Booth 27





Booth 28

Airship 67


Booth 29





Booth 31

The Lady in Black - Vintage Clothing

Booth 32





Booth 33

Fine Dwarven Crafts


Booth 34





35 & 36

Cordy's Corner




37 & 38

Tortured Earth


Booth 40

Geekz Craftz

Booth 41

The Jay Company



42 & 43




Booth ABM

Cami Roebuck Creative



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