2018 Magic City Con Event Schedule

Friday Schedule

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. 

Copies of the schedule can be found in the Event Programs at Magic City Con. 

Magic City Con 2018 - Friday Schedule
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Friday Panel Descriptions

--Magic City Con Kick-Off
Come and start your Con weekend off right! Get the basics about the happenings at MCC2018 and ask any questions you may have! 
--Are You Smarter Than a Templar?
Familiar Game Shows (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Match Game) played with a Dragon Age twist! 
Panel discussion about RWBY: ABRG and World of Remnant Abridged. 
--Hamilton Lip Sync Battle
A Lip Sync Battle with a twist: it is only songs from Hamilton! Attendees may participate or just watch! 
--Snow Ball
DJ CritHit will be playing all of the geeky hits at this party! Come and dance the night away with friends to some of your favorite tunes! 
--Designing that Ultimate Cosplay with RJ Haddy
This is the sequel to the Cosplay Consultation! A Hands-On Workshop where you will go in-depth with RJ about your Cosplay. Fee: $20 Includes a selfie and one personal item autographed by RJ!
--Clinton Hobart Painting Demo
Guest Artist Clinton Hobart will be painting throughout the weekend during demos on each day. Sunday, his final masterpiece will be given away in a drawing at Closing Ceremonies! 
--Podcasting/Audio Drama
In this Q&A Panel, you will learn tips and tricks on how to make a good Podcast or Audio Drama. 
--Star Trek: Discovery
Panelists will Discuss and take questions about the all new Star Trek: Discovery Series!
--Star Wars: Meet the Legions
If you have ever been interested in joining the “Bad Guys Doing Good” in the 501st or the “Good Guys Doing…Gooder…” in the Rebel Legion, join us for this informative panel. We will discuss how to join, what the legions do here in Alabama as well as worldwide, and more! 
--D&D Creative Writing
Tips and tricks to writing a good home brew campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. Also, how to develop characters and monsters for your worlds. 
--Meet the Mercs
Come and meet the Mandalorian Mercs and learn all about their organization! 
--Okay Not to Be Okay
A discussion on staying safe in the Cosplay Community and working together as a community to prevent harassment. 
What is Cosplay? With the North Alabama Cosplayers Club 
Are you looking for information on Cosplay and what it is? Never Cosplayed before but want to try it? Maybe you have done some Cosplay before, but don’t know other Cosplayers. Then come and join us as we discuss all things cosplay! 
--Cosplay Etiquette
A fun and interactive panel with Alice Infinity and Friends! Learn how to properly interact with cosplayers or how to properly act at conventions all while having lots of fun and getting your fill of laughs! 
--Miraculous Ladybug
Learn how to be a superhero like Ladybug and chat Noir. 
--Discussing Movies with The Deucecast Movie Show
Open discussion about movies with The Deucecast Movie Show hosts! 
--Cosplay Consultation with RJ Haddy
A round table discussion with Face Off’s RJ Haddy! Get on the right path to designing and putting together your dream cosplay! This is a FREE prequel to the Designing That Ultimate Cosplay with RJ Haddy Workshop. 
--Knights of the Old Republic 15th Anniversary Party! 
A celebration not to be missed! Play both versions of Pazaak and celebrate the game that started the Bioware Star Wars Universe! 
--All About Fallout’s John Hancock with Danny Shorago
Join Danny Shorago for a discussion and Q&A and learn everything there is to know about your favorite Ghoul from Fallout 4!
--Horns and Headresses with Roy Wooley
In this Demo, you will learn how to create a head dress from scratch. Horn and other elaborate headdresses are the topic. Patterns, Fabrication, Finishes, and fitting are all covered in this Workshop! Fee: $20
--Knowing is Half the Battle:GI Joe with John Anderson and Ming Chen
Yo Joe! Let’s talk about all things GI Joe in this epic panel discussion with John Anderson and Ming Chen! 
--Here Be Infinity War Spoilers 
A panel discussing Infinity War Part I, what we know about Part II, the comic art, and more! 
--Food Challenge: Noodles! 
In this INSANELY Spicy Noodle Challenge panel, whoever finishes their noodles first, will win a prize! You must sign a waiver to participate. 
--Marvel TV & Movies
Discuss the most up to date news on all things Marvel from movies to tv shows! 
--Trivia Game Show: Um…Actually
A trivia game where prizes can be won! Come and test your trivia knowledge! 
--Learning Improv Comedy: “Whose Line is it Anyway?”
Come and tickle your funny bone in this panel as a participant or an observer! 
--Maid Café
Satisfy your sweet tooth in the Maid Café brought to you by Celestial Cakes! Maid Café Hours are: 5:00pm – 9:00pm. 
--Star Wars Pool Party 
Come to the Hotel Pool and swim, play games, and hang out with friends during this two hour event! 7:00pm – 9:00pm
--Marc Gunn @ Merks Tavern
Want to share a pint and listen to some great music? Join us in Merks Tavern for the musical musings of Marc Gunn! It’s the best Irish Pub Music with a geeky twist! The fun starts at 7:00pm!

Saturday Schedule

Magic City Con 2018 - Saturday Schedule
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Saturday Panel Descriptions

--Foam Fabby Demo with RJ Haddy and Roy Wooley
In this Free Demo, you will have a great time learning all things Foam Fabrication with Face Off’s Roy Wooley and RJ Haddy! The Free Demo is a prequel to RJ’s Foam Fabrication for Costuming and Roy’s Beginner to Intermediate Foam Fabrication: Prop Weapon Fabrication. 
--Martial Arts Demonstration
This demonstration is going to be a good time for all! Join us in the Riverchase Ballroom and join in the fun!
--Cosplay Contest Stage Walk
Enjoy watching all of the Cosplayers competing in the Cosplay Contest walk across the stage to show off their hard work and craftsmanship! 
--North Alabama Cosplayers Club Photo Shoot
Join the North Alabama Cosplayers Club in the Riverchase Ballroom immediately following the Cosplay Contest Stage Walk for a group Photo Shoot! 
--Costume Pattern Drafting
Roger Allen brings his popular Costume Pattern Drafting panel to the main stage this year! You won’t want to miss this how-to demo! 
--Foam Fabrication for Costuming
This is RJ’s sequel to the Foam Fabby Demo earlier in the day! Come and take what you have learned to the next level! Everyone will make an easy foam Gauntlet to take home! Fee: $55 – Attendees will get to take a selfie and have one personal item signed by RJ. 
--Clinton Hobart Painting Demo
Guest Artist Clinton Hobart will be painting throughout the weekend during demos on each day. Sunday, his final masterpiece will be given away in a drawing at Closing Ceremonies! 
--Beginner to Intermediate Foam Fabrication Prop Weapon with Roy Wooley
This is Roy’s sequel to the Foam Fabby Demo earlier in the day! Everyone will make a foam weapon to take home! Fee: $55. 
--YA Growth Spurt
The YA comic market is one of the few growing sectors in comics. What’s going on there, and what should you be reading? 
--Godzilla Comics Presentation
Come and check out all things Godzilla at this Comics Presentation!
--Comic Bubbles
Is there a comic-movie bubble, and if so, will it burst? Is the market for superhero movies becoming oversaturated? Is there room for more comic adaptations? What keeps fans coming back to watch so many superhero movies? 
--D&D and RPGs
Daniel Walters will be hosting a panel in which he will pull down his dungeon master screen and share his secrets on what he does to prepare for games, how he manages his tables, handles his players, and how he’s constructed his homebrewed continent of Nalacapon. 
--What Works? Comic and Book Adaptations on Film and Television
What’s the difference between The Avengers and The Justice League? Why do some comic movies and TV Shows work? What mistakes do others make? 
--History of Music in Video Games
Come and learn about the history of music in video games! Fun, interactive discussion! 
--Star Wars LGBTQ
A focus on LGBTQ characters in the Star Wars canon universe and the impact they have on the larger story. 
--Doki Doki Literature Club 
We will be discussing theories and parts from the game! Ask the president of the club questions! 
--Screen Accurate Cosplay
Learn basic techniques for finding screen accurate cosplays, determining brands, and altering existing wardrobe pieces to match production alterations. 
--Using Leather in Cosplay
Get a solid foundation in using leather for cosplay – the tools and materials, where to buy them, construction methods, shaping and decorating leather and dying. 
--Wig Maintenance & Care
Learn wig maintenance and care as well as where to purchase wigs at great prices! 
--How to Get Started Making Comics
Talk to Artists and Writers of Indie Comics about what you need know to write, illustrate, and print your own comics. 
--What it Takes to Be a YouTuber
Learn what it takes to be a successful YouTuber with different tips and strategies on setup, cameras, sound quality, and brand building. 
--KPop 101 
Understand the world of Korean music, entertainment, the entertainers, the companies, the history, the economics, and more! 
We will talk about all wrestling and not just WWE. Impact Wrestling, New Japan Wrestling, Ring of Honor and more will be discussed! There will even be a game with a prize at the end. 
--Kick A$$ Cons
Grab your calendars and come find out about what your favorite conventions are planning for 2019! Get the dates, find out about Special Guests, Events, and MORE! A great time to ask questions to the Con Runners who put on AMAZING shows year after year! 
--Q&A with Virginia Hey
Enjoy a Q&A with the immensely talented Virginia Hey! 
Cosplay Contest Pre-Judge
Cosplayers wanting to participate in the Cosplay Contest MUST go by the North Alabama Cosplayers Club table to fill out a form and register for the Contest! You will then go through Pre-Judging beginning at 12:30pm in our Lobby Level Panel Room 1 (Yorkshire). 
--Guide to Guardians of the Galaxy with John Anderson and Joe Fria 
Come and chat Guardians of the Galaxy behind the scenes with John Anderson and Joe Fria! What was it like being a Ravager on set? What was their time in the make-up chair like? What do they LOVE about being a part of the Marvel Universe? Let’s find out! 
--Flow Yoga
This is an all-levels Yoga Flow class taking place first thing in the morning right before things get moving for Magic City Con! While doing your yoga poses, you will be serenaded by carefully selected video game music. 
--What’s Next? Q&A with Con Guests
Ming Chen, Justin Kucsulain, Jon Lee Brody, Christopher Heskey, John Anderson, and Joe Fria fill you in on what’s coming up for them! 
--Bioware Fan Fiction Writers Workshop 
Come and join Nadine as she walks you through how to develop characters and write amazing Bioware Fan Fiction in this workshop! 
--Your Host, Space Ghost with George Lowe
It’s Space Ghooooossssstttt! George Lowe is sure to make you laugh in this fun interactive panel discussion! 
--Game Show: Fear Factor
Is Fear a Factor for YOU? Hosts TJ and Wendy Zito are back for their third year along with Ed’s Pet World who is our sponsor for this fun Game Show! 
--Q&A with Jeremy London
Jeremy London has had a varied career and now has his own acting studio! Come and ask all the questions you may have during this Q&A Session!
--Game Show: Sci-Fi Jeopardy 
Come and test your knowledge with Shawn Wray in Sci-Fi Jeopardy! Questions will be asked! Prizes will be won! 
--Bioware Cosplay Photo Shoot 
Are you a Bioware Cosplayer? Join us for a photo shoot of epic proportions! 
--Maid Café
Satisfy your sweet tooth in the Maid Café brought to you by Celestial Cakes! Maid Café Hours are: 5:00pm – 9:00pm. 
--Danny Shorago VIP Event
Come and hang out with your favorite Ghoul during the two hour VIP Event! 3rd Floor VIP Room 7:00pm – 9:00pm (Fee: $75) 
--Marc Gunn @ Merk’s Tavern 
Want to share a pint and listen to some great music? Join us in Merks Tavern for the musical musings of Marc Gunn! It’s the best Irish Pub Music with a geeky twist! The fun starts at 7:00pm! 
--Magic City Con After Hours PARTY! Hosted by Shout Out World Media 
Join the team of Shout Out World Media as they host an After Hours Party in the Riverchase Ballroom! The fun starts at 9:00pm and lasts until Midnight! This is an 18+ party and ID will be checked at the door!

Sunday Schedule

Magic City Con 2018 - Sunday Schedule
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Sunday Panel Descriptions

--Coffee Talk
Join Magic City Con’s Con Runners as they host various guests and talk about various topics! 
--Clinton Hobart Painting Demo
Guest Artist Clinton Hobart will be painting throughout the weekend during demos on each day. Sunday, his final masterpiece will be given away in a drawing at Closing Ceremonies! 
--Six Degrees of Separation: Kevin Smith Edition
Come and find out the Kevin Smith Connection between some of this year’s Guests…Ming Chen, Justin Kucsulain, and Jeremy London! 
--Mystery Science Theater 3000: Star Wars Holiday Special
Get ready to view the Star Wars Holiday Special….Mystery Science Theater 3000 style with Shawn Wray and Joe Crowe! 
--Gumball Trivia Game
Gumballs + Trivia Questions…what could be wrong with that?! Come and join Ming Chen and Jason and Jamie Phelps for a fun time and a lot of laughs! 
--Closing Ceremonies
We will close out MCC2018 as we have all Magic City Cons…with raffle prize drawings and giveaways! Come and join us in the Main Panel Room for a fun close to a great weekend! 
--Dragon Age Sleep Mask Make & Take Workshop
In this free make and take, you will hand sew a satin sleep mask that says “If you need me, I’ll be in the Fade”. Learn to sew, or just stop by for an awesome craft circle! 
--What it Takes to Work at a Haunted House
What it takes to work at a haunted house, basic character creation, and how to scare. 
--Cosmic Horror in Comics
HP Lovecraft is the father of the genre, but cosmic horror has grown beyond short stories into games, movies, and comics. What great cosmic horror comics are out there? What should you pick up next? 
--Anthem Hype – A Multiplayer Support Group Panel
Discuss Anthem news up to this point and learn “survival tips” for fans who prefer single player games. 
--Halo 405th – Pepakura 101
Pepakura 101 and what can be accomplished for Paper and Foam Fabrication. Will demo some foam and paper and show how amazing this digital tool is! 
--DC Movies & TV
Get the most up to date news on all things covering the DC Universe from movies to television shows! 
--Queer Coded
Cute and Queer Coded characters in yesterday and today’s pop nerd culture.
--Altered Carbon: Cyberpunk
Learn about Altered Carbon from the books to Netflix. Tech, symbolism, social comment, Noir, cyberpunk, 60s grunge. Books to the small screen representation. 
--Ghost Hunting and Haunted Dolls
Learn about ghost hunting equipment, hear ghost stories, and view pictures of EVPs. We will have haunted dolls on hand. 
--Comics for Goths
The title says it all: this is a comic suggestion and discussion panel for goths. 
--The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Learn about basic Medelian Genetics and the implications of the magic gene being either dominant or recessive and how well each fits what we see in JK Rowling’s books. 
Learn how Tokusatsu has developed from a Japanese production style to influencing American productions like Pacific Rim and Power Rangers. 
--Defeat the Dragon
Come and be introduced to the world of TableTop Gaming through a heavily-streamlined version of the Dragon Age tabletop game! 
--Dragon Age Wedding Reception
The title of this says it all…now, let them eat cake! 
--Dragon Age Murder Mystery “Dinner” 
A fun activity with a bit of acting and a lot of audience participation! 
--Star Wars: Ladies of the Legion
Being a woman in a largely male-dominated fandom comes with its own challenges and opportunities. Ladies are invited to join members of the Rebel Legion, 501st, and Mandalorian Mercs as we discuss what it takes to be a Lady in a Legion. 
--Cosplay Swimsuit Contest
Have you ever re-imagined a swimsuit in the theming of your favorite character? That’s all the Cosplay Swimsuit Contest is about! Contestants are judged on swimsuit theming, construction, and how recognizable your suit is to the character you are cosplaying. This is NOT a beauty contest! Everyone is welcome to enter in the inaugural year of this fun event! No pre-registration needed. You must check into the Hotel Pool Deck on the 3rd Floor at 12:30pm if you would like to participate! Hosted by Shout Out World Media. 
--Hits from the Past and Present with DJ Mike 
DJ Mike will spin the hits from Past and Present from the Pensacon booth throughout the day!

Birmingham, Alabama

June 8 - 10, 2018

The Hyatt Regency Birmingham - Wynfrey Hotel

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